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Teaming Arrangements

Lashbrook Consulting and its individual consultants have frequently worked with other established consulting firms on engagements where additional resources or specific knowledge or skill sets are required. In such situations, the firm with the engagement would be expected to enter into a "Teaming Agreement" with Lashbrook Consulting. The agreement would need to include the following:

* Client
* Description of the engagement
* Description of the resources needed
* Length of engagement (Given the fact that the exact length of the engagement is not always defined at the beginning, a minimum length of time that the services would be needed would be required at a minimum.)
* Basis of payment (Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or fixed payment for set engagement), frequency of payment, and process for reimbursement of expenses.
* Any and all non-disclosure requirements.

(Teaming agreements are available through Lashbrook Consulting should the engaging firm not have ready access to an acceptable agreement. )

Lashbrook Consulting will work with the engaging company to identify the specific resources needed and will provide detailed backgrounds on the individual consultants. The specific consultant(s) will view the engagement in the same way that it views every engagement- with the highest level of professionalism and a keen desire to accomplish the client's goals and exceed expectations.

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